is the official website of a weekly web series by the same name, Kyusho Korner™. This series focuses on the topic of Kyusho (pressure points) in relation to martial arts. These videos are designed to be short and straight to the point, no pun intended. Pressure points are not the only thing discussed, we also discuss principles, techniques and other kyusho related topics.  Episodes are available 24 hours per day via this website, Facebook, and YouTube.

Each episode is prepared, hosted and instructed by Master Mish Handwerker (Sensei Mish). He has over 30 years in the martial arts and currently holds a 6th Degree Black Belt in Ryukyu Kempo/Kyusho-Jitsu under Grandmaster Mark Kline. He regularly teaches a pressure point based curriculum through classes in his own school as well as leading kyusho workshops and seminars in the Pacific NW area. For more information on Master Handwerker, you can visit his school website

Kyusho Korner™ is dedicated to pressure point education and encouraging martial artists to open their worlds to kyusho exploration. Over time we will provide more tools for use in kyusho learning. It doesn’t matter which school of thought you are from or which organization you are associated with, kyusho has a place in any martial art style or self-defense program.

Make sure to follow us on social media, Kyusho Korner™ can be found on Facebook, in addition you can always follow Sensei Mish on Instagram. Recent videos can be found on YouTube and can be found in a playlist on Master Handwerker’s channel. All videos, current and archived, can be found on this website along with other training tools.

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